Roto Jet Hose Washer

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Roto Jet Washer

Series 100 Fire Hose Washer
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Roto-Jet Washer Service & Operating Manual

Roto-Jet Fire Hose Washer Service & Operating Manual. See product description for download instructions.

Tilt Top Hose Loading Turntable

Drain, coil and move hose quickly and easily! Use the Tilt-Top Hose Loading Turntable to simultaneously drain and coil hose for quick and easy movement to storage racks -- or right back into service.

Tilt Top Hose Loading Manual

Series 100 36" tilt top turntable service and operating manual.

Series 100 Fixed 36" Table Top

Fixed top turn table makes re-rolling hose an easy, fast, strain free operation, Circul-Air recommends that every station have at least one hose turn-table, The extreme versatility and usefulness make them a "must have" item. Fixed top turn table attaches directly to a port-o-rack or can easily be drilled and bolted to a wall in any location.

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