"This morning my crew used the Circul-Air Corporation's, Automated Hose Washer for the first time and were able to wash 1200 feet of hose in about an hour. The hose is really clean, It smells Good and the crew is Happy! This item is Top of the line and I highly recommend it for other departments. This is one item that tells your firefighters that you care about them after a long firefighting job. Reduce their workload, get a device that makes the job feel right!
Thank-You  Circul-Air Corporation!"
Mike Hartford, Fire Chief
Limington, Maine

I began my career as a firefighter in 1970. At that time, our department had a Circul-Air Washer and Dryer. We replaced the set purchased in 1964 with another set in 2000, but the original washer and dryer are still in use today. When I first started using the Circul-Air products, I noticed all the dirt, soot, ashes, and other particles from the hose that were left in the soak tank to be flushed down the sewer. Without proper cleaning, all that debris would have been left on the hose and returned to the pumper where it would collect mold and mildew. The next firefighter to use that hose would then be exposed to the leftover contaminates. The Circul-Air Washer and Dryer promote safety and reduce the risk of contamination after the fire through proper and thorough cleaning. Every Fire Chief must consider cost effectiveness as well, and we all know that properly cleaned and dried fire hoses last years longer.