Circul-Air At FDIC 2024

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Product Display Booth
Roto-Decon SCBA Washer The Fire Store #110
Extractors/Washers Safety Components #922
Extractors/Washers Covert Armor #10090
Storage & WorkTables Fire Dept Coffee #10095
Dryers: Portable & Express 2 gear Western Fire #10070
Storage Gear Racks Veridian Turnout Gear #1107
Storage Gear Racks Honeywell #1410

NEW | Roto-Decon SCBA Washer
Featured at - Booth #110

Roto-Decon washers are the latest addition to the Circul-Air Corp Family. A purpose build cabinet washer for the decontamination of self-contained breathing apparatus, PPE and other firefighting accessories to NFPA 1851 standards. Intuitive, visual status is provided on a large 7.0″ touchscreen with access to features and cycles not offered by the competition.

  • Purpose built for SCBA PPE & hardgoods
  • 5 modes, 7 selectable features
  • Large touchscreen featuring streamlined controls


Circul-Air’s extensive line of NFPA 1851 compliant turnout gear extractors are made to fit the needs of any department size. Each unit is pre-configured with fire industry specific wash cycles, making it easy to safely wash your gear. You wont find a linen cycle on this machine!


Since 1940, Circul-Air has been the innovator of NFPA 1851 compliant turnout gear drying solutions. With the widest range of dryers and sizes available; cabinet, tumble, and portable turnout gear dryers.


A complete line of storage solutions engineered & manufactured in North America by Circul-Air Corp. 18, 20, and 24 inch wide wall mount, freestanding, and mobile options available.


Circul-Air offers a one-stop-shop for all hose care products to fit any fire department’s needs from washing, drying, to storage.

As an essential tool to all fire departments, fire hoses tend to take a beating. This is why Circul-Air developed hose care solutions to safely extend the life of your hose and get it back in action.