22 lb. Commercial
Turnout Gear Extractor

Circul-Air “Express” Series Soft Mount Turnout Gear Extractor

A commercial, front loading turnout gear extractor pre-programmed for the firefighting industry.

Unique to Circul-Air, the CACSM Express series of washers are different than you’d see from commercial laundry suppliers. Circul-Air machines have an exclusive 10-minute spin cycle that shortens dry times. (That’s as much as 2x longer than standard laundry machines)

A soft mount design, this 120V machine offers simple installation and easy usage for stations with space or resource constraints.

Extractor Features:

  • Wash cycles designed for firefighting turnout gear
  • Exclusive 10 minute spin cycle to reduce dry times
    • Benefit to department: Improved rinse and decreased dry time
  • Extractor is pre-wired and programmed to dosing pump
  • Dosing Pump is pre-programmed to dispense the correct amount of detergent
  • Pre-programmed with wash cycles that are safe for firefighter turnout gear
  • Specific to blood-born / liners / outer shells
  • Commercial quality construction and components
  • Drum Size: 22 lb.
  • 120V power required
  • 2-year warranty
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Every Turnout Gear Extractor Includes The Circul-Air’s Complementary Fire Package:

All Circul-Air Extractors feature the “Circul-Air Fire Package”. This package is a complete equipment solution, engineered to make it easy for fire departments to effectively clean turnout gear safely.

  • Programmed to safely clean firefighter turnout gear.
  • Chemical dosing pumps pre-configured to extractor and detergent.
  • 1 Gallon of CitroSqueeze® turnout gear cleaner
Turnout Gear Extractor Fire Package Includes A washer, dosing pump, and turnout gear detergent