A commercial, front load extractor pre-programmed for NFPA 1851:2020 requirements.

Unique to Circul-Air
The CACSM Express series of washers are different than you’d see from commercial laundry suppliers.
     Circul-Air machines have an exclusive 10-minute spin cycle that shortens dry times.
         (That is as much as 2x longer than standard laundry machines)


A soft mount design, this 120V machine offers simple installation and easy usage for stations with space or resource constraints.

•  Extractor is pre-wired and programmed to dosing pump. 
•  Dosing Pump is pre-programmed to dispense the correct amount of detergent
•  Pre-programmed with NFPA 1851 recommended wash cycles
•          specific to blood-born / liners / outer shells
•  Commercial quality construction and components
• 120V power required.
• Meets NFPA 1851:2020 requirements
• 2-year warranty