FDIC Gear Washer & Dryer

Thank you for Visiting Us at FDIC 2023!

From now until May 31st, 2023, we are offering a special FDIC promotion that combines our Extractor packages with a Drying Cabinet.

Contact us to learn more about building the right turnout gear washer and dryer combo for your station!

What is included in the promotion?

  1. A Circul-Air Extractor

    • Pre-programmed cycles for liners, outers & bloodborne

    • Pre-wired & programmed automatic dosing pump

    • 1 Gallon of Citrosqueeze

    • NFPA 1851:2020 Compliant

    • HD Extractors feature ISP verified Wash Cycles

  2. A Circul-Air Dryer

    • Choice of Dryer; Cabinet, Portable, & Tumble

    • Cabinet Dryers include 10 year warranty

    • Several electrical options to meet your needs

    • NFPA 1851:2020 Compliant

Starting At: $9,929.70