Soft Mount vs. Hard Mount Turnout Gear Washers


Hard Mount Washers:

Most washers are solid mount, meaning that they do not have springs or shock absorbers. The machine is bolted to the concrete floor. In some cases, it is bolted to a concrete or steel slab, then bolted to the floor. They can’t be used on hardwood floors or basements unless steel or concrete is placed underneath it because the foundation needs to be fortified. Otherwise, the flooring will crumble pretty quickly. Ever watched the washer in your home shake when it’s off-balance? Imagine how much moving and shaking a washer with more force would do if it weren’t bolted to the floor.

A hard mount washer has an extraction rate of 50 to 250 g-forces, so it needs to be bolted on solid ground.They can also only be on the first floor of a building. The vibration of the washer when it is extracting water needs to be tolerated by the flooring it is on, and the bolts used to secure it. Otherwise, when the washer is in extraction mode, it will shake and vibrate and could cause the unit to fail.

Circul-Air HD Industrial Grade Soft Mount Extractor - CACSHD

Soft Mount Washers:

Circul-Air’s Express line is an example of soft mounted machines that are becoming more popular because they are easy to install and may not require a concrete or steel slab. the Express washing machines are built in a cradle that contains springs and shock absorbers. It isolates the drum from the frame of the washer. A soft mount washer removes up to 97 percent of the free vibration. The rest is sent to the floor and building. This type of washer includes the frame and other components, making it more expensive than a traditional hard-mount washer. A soft mount washing machine can run 30 percent more expensive.

But keep in mind that because they do not need to be installed on concrete or steel, they are easier to install in places that cannot house a hard mount washer. They can be installed on floors above basements, so upper levels that weren’t possible before could be utilized. However, wood floors should be avoided with these washers, as well.

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