Firefighters are exposed to an ever expanding list of toxins and carcinogens as a regular part of their job.  Making regular washing and decontamination of their gear & tools more important than ever.

All Circul-Air Extractors and washers are engineered, manufactured, programmed and tested to ensure they meet the unique needs and requirements of the fire service.

Hardware that is compliant with NFPA 1851 and wash cycle that are pre-programmed to cycles similar to those used by over 18 verified Independent Service Providers across the country.

Why Choose Circul-Air?

Circul-Air Corp extractors are delivered pre-configured with “Circul-Air Fire Package” which includes:

  • Hardware that meets NFPA 1851: 2020 edition
  • Wash cycles that are specific to the fire industry, developed over 20+ years of experience and millions of sets of gear washed.
  • Dosing pump pre-programmed to deliver the right amount of CitroSqueeze®.
  • 1 Gallon of CitroSqueeze® to get you started cleaning with confidence.


The Rotojet Hose Washer is a reliable means of processing hose when the fire is out or training is over.

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